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Types of Bird Feeders

It is paramount to be well versed on how you can attract birds at a single place so that you can enjoy bird watching. In this regard, you are encouraged to know different bird feeders as they will help a lot here. Therefore, here you will get to learn different types of bird feeders and you need to settle for the most appropriate one.

You are supposed to know about tube. The tube design is considered to be amongst the best bird feeder as it will get to keep the seed dry. The design allows the birds to have a comfortable feeding where squirrels will not be able to steal from the birds from the tube.

Hummingbird is another selection for bird feeders. If you love bird watching it is paramount that you get to plan of having a hummingbird bird feeder in your thoughts. This bird feeder will be able to attract hummingbirds and more so will allow them to feed well, check this website for details.

Moreover, you need to know about hopper bird feeder. The need to use hopper is to allow large birds to be attracted like sparrows and more so you can use multiple seeds at once. The seeds can get to sprout when water enters this hopper because it has no holes now!

Platform feeders is another element that you need to consider looking at. You are encouraged to consider using this type of bird feeder if you want to attract large birds. You will need to know the best style that you can choose now since they are of different shape and styles.

You will also come across thistle feeder. You need to be keen not to confuse thistle feeder with tube because they only allow nyjer or tiny seeds to enter and you can read more here. In addition, you are supposed to know about suet feeder You are encouraged to be well conversant of the best type and design of suet feeders since they are of many designs.

The Oriole fruit feeder is among the common birds feeders. These feeders are commonly known for clutching several fruits for instance the oranges, grape jelly, and also apples. You can easily use them during the fall and spring, click here to learn.

The log feeder is also popular. If you want to make a feeder you need the log to make holes on it. You can use peanut butter or even suet in the log so that the birds can enjoy it.

The mounted feeder is vital. These feeders cannot be knocked out or even fall. You can choose a stump in your compound so that you can mount the feeder on it.