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Ways to Identify Bed Bugs in Your Home

They hide in places that are very hard to find. If you happen to find a single bed bug in a particular room, you should be on high alert because there is a possibility that there are more of them in the house. They also breed at a high rate and before you know it, they have already multiplied.

The only thing now that will help you to know if there are bed bugs infestations in your home is by their smell.

You one day wake up in the morning and notice that there are bites near your ankles and your wrists. Most of the time a bed bug bite will appear to be small, round, flat, itchy and will appear to be slightly red.

This is a sign that there were bed bugs in your bed when had slept read more here.

They leave marker stains on the mattresses and bed sheets hence you will surely tell if there are bed bugs.

You will not be necessarily looking for the bed bug eggs. The eggs are one millimeter long and are pearl white in color. So, if you come across be bug eggs in a particular bed in your house, you have to check other rooms for the same more.

Skin castings are also known as shell castings. For you differentiate between the bed bug skin from other insects which might have the same features, you will want to look for a hollow translucent skin underneath of your mattress.

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